LUCA Talk 4: Disrupting Mobile Advertising with data-driven solutions

Thursday, 20 April 2017

LUCA Talk 4: Disrupting Mobile Advertising with data-driven solutions

Smartphones have became an integral part of our lives, for most of us we can't sleep or even wake up without checking them. This has given the importance of mobile marketing and advertising a bigger and more relevant presence in today's market. IDC research shows that a staggering 79% of smartphone users have their phone on or near them each hour of the waking day.

Importance of Mobile Marketing
Figure 1: Dan Rosen will be discussing the importance of mobile marketing.

The fourth LUCA talk will be given by our Global Head of Advertising, Dan Rosen. Dan will take us from a desktop centric approach to realizing the importance of a mobile led approach to advertising.
He will discuss Telefónica's place in this new advertising ecosystem and will include information surrounding other Telco´s leading the way.

The webinar will consist of a 25 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes for questions you might have. If you are interested on attending, do not forget to register here.

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